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Dating advice

Online Dating Profile

dating advice

Finally getting the courage to create an online dating profile is a big step for many singles who are looking for love and a true soulmate. The trouble is, sometimes a profile just isn’t getting the responses or matches that you want. This can be little disheartening, but just because the fish aren’t biting doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

The trick is to write a strategic and optimized online dating profile. Here’s how you can do that:

Never make the mistake of looking down on online dating. There is a stigma attached to the method, but once you have that in mind the likelihood of success is very low. Singles who read a quick dismissal of the online dating world will find that a huge turn-off and click away. Do not be judgmental or condescending, you’ll never know, you might just be insulting your soulmate.

Another big no-no in online dating profiles are the lies. Even if it is just about your weight, height, or age, do not lie because these lies will unravel soon enough. While making a profile, do not exaggerate the job you have thinking it will lure in more matches. Most of all, never make promises of commitment if you are not planning to keep.

Although honesty is good, sharing too many personal details is also a bad idea. Find a balance between what to share and what not to share is a good idea, so people won’t turn away at a glance. Never disclose bad first date stories or whine about your loneliness, this is very unattractive to people.

Create and write an upbeat and fun profile that highlights all the good things about getting to know new people and what you are looking for in a relationship. This is a burst of positivity and honesty that people want when they are looking for an online match.

Open Your Heart

dating advice

A breakup can leave you feeling shattered, demoralized, jaded, and hopeless. We’ve all been there. Everyone has experienced at least one heartbreaking end to a relationship. The pain seems unbearable. You may think that you will never love again; and indeed may shut yourself off from the possibility.

But this is neither a good nor a healthy way to go through life. Dating and falling in love is always a risky venture. However, most people agree you should do it anyway. Why? Because falling in love is the most wondrous and rewarding thing that any of us can experience. The pain of the breakup will eventually subside. When it does, you must recall what it felt like at the beginning. You must remember the feeling of being in an almost permanent state of ecstasy. The exhilaration of hearing the voice of your beloved, the mad anticipation of seeing her again, the thrill of actually seeing her, and the almost volcanic emotion you felt whenever you were intimate.

These are the things that make falling in love worthwhile. Denying the natural yearnings of your heart will not prevent suffering. It can only lead to loneliness and pain of another sort. You will become increasingly bitter; not because anyone has hurt you, but because of your failure to find someone to love you and for you to love.

That is why you should always keep the prospect of dating and falling in love again constantly open. No one wants to endure the suffering that comes with a bad breakup. However, even such a terribly traumatic event can do some good. It can help to strengthen your character. It can make you more sympathetic to the plight of others. It can make you a more compassionate person in general. It may even teach you how to appreciate love and its value even more than you already do.

How Many Dates

dating advice

There is no use hiding the truth, dating can be an emotional rollercoaster that can get old quickly. Most singles who turn to online dating often wonder how many dates does it take to find a true soulmate. This is a big mistake because it puts a lot of pressure on every date and sometimes leads to disappointment.

Instead of overthinking about the end results, try to enjoy the time you are spending with a person. After two or three dates it is near impossible to determine if they are lifelong partner material, but you will be able to determine if you are comfortable enough to spend more time with the person in the future.


First impressions can be wrong which is why going on at least two dates is recommended. That bad first date could just be the result of nerves or a bad day. Sometimes people just find it hard to connect with each other off the bat, but that doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t worth trying.

A difference in sense of humor and interests can lead to a very uncomfortable and awkward date, but finding a middle ground usually helps keep the flow of the conversation. Think about how natural you act with the person from the get-go. If you are always on your guard and on edge, it might not be the right match.

There is no right answer to how many dates it takes until you know if a person is worth seeing again or not. However, you shoud always try to trust your gut. If your date felt awkward at first, but ended well it might be worth a second or third date. However, if you still feel uneasy during the third date your gut is telling you to move on.

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