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Dating advice

First Date Confidence

dating advice

Confidence is everything. It is the thing that will advance you in your job, in your relationships with co-workers, and in your dating life. This is a relatively unexplored area of dating, but it is one that everyone intuitively feels. You may be dressed to the nines, polite, attentive, sweet, and charming. You may even be fortunate enough to be naturally good looking. But without confidence you will not get a second date.

First dates are all about first impressions. You may be loosely acquainted with the person you’re going out with. However, they will only start paying attention to you on the first date. That is when they will begin to assess you as a potential partner.

The fact is people will only partner with those they believe they can count on. You must play up your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. Confidence need not mean arrogance, boastfulness, and braggadocio. You don’t need to make the date all about you and how wonderful you are to be confident. Your aim should be to give a good account of yourself.

Think about what makes you special and distinct. Focus on your interests and the things you do well and enjoy. These are the things you want to discuss and demonstrate your passion about. If you are in a profession or line of work that you love, you need not talk shop the entire time. However, you can talk about what motivated you to pursue that career and mention some of the successes you’ve had.

You should also have something good to say about yourself as a person. You are a good person. You are someone who can give a great deal of kindness, love, and affection. Your conversation should reflect that; it should convey the feeling that you are worth spending time with and loving.

An Attractive Profile

dating advice

One of the biggest challenges to overcome when finally getting enough courage to try online dating is creating the dating profile. Most people make the mistake of writing generic descriptions about themselves and their interest and uploading a bad photo with the profile. These top two mistakes will guarantee zero matches and connections.

Instead of creating an online dating profile without any thought, here are some useful tips that will help you post an attractive profile:

Use the profile as a conversation starter. Sharing just enough details about yourself and your interests is a great way for possible matches to find a common ground to talk about. Simply adding boring details like "I like to read" or "I like to eat" does not help with the flow of conversation. Adding details like your favorite book and your go-to meal will give an insight to your personality while also giving fuel to the conversation.

Ask yourself questions that you would like to know about a potential date and add these to your profile. This is a great way to add more details to your profile while also having control of the possible conversation you will share with a date. Simple questions like "What is your road trip playlist?" And "How do you stay active?" Reveal a lot about yourself and may spark a conversation and connection if a match has the same interests.

Try to hold yourself from bragging about your accomplishments on your profile. As much as you want to impress people, sometimes overdoing it is a big turn off. You can always share these details on future dates if you are really proud of what you have accomplished.

Just try to have some fun and meet new people along the way. Sometimes the best friendships and relationships are started from a simple "Hey! I love that band too!".

First Date Pressure

dating advice

There is nothing wrong with feeling the pressure of a first date. It is perfectly natural to be anxious. You believe it is a big deal because it is a big deal. First dates are all about first impressions. Even if you have seen your date around the office or among mutual friends, they will only start to pay attention to you on that first date. It is important to make them see the person you want them to. There is even more pressure if you really like the person. However, there are ways to make the pressure more manageable. It is alright to feel a bit of anxiety, as long as it does not paralyze you.

You will of course want to look your best. You want to dress well and leave a pleasant image of yourself in the other person’s mind. This is all good. However, it is not enough. Your primary focus should be on thinking of all the great things that are on the inside. You need to re-affirm your self-worth. You should show up to the date with a certain amount of confidence and surety.

Indeed, there will be a good deal of pressure to keep the conversation going. You will want to avoid awkward silences and long, tense pauses. The best way to do that is to have something positive to say about yourself. You must be prepared to give an account of who you are and the things you are passionate about. This will help smooth the flow of conversation.

You need not pre-program everything you will say. That will come off as robotic, inauthentic, and just plain weird. Besides, the effort to remember everything will only increase your anxiety and nervousness. You can also speak on the thoughts and feelings you have at the moment. Whatever happens to occur to you when you are with your date can make for great conversation.

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