What's the Price

All our international dating services are paid for through our convenient credit system, and your credit balance is charged only upon use of the service you choose to benefit from. We have no monthly fees or other membership charges.

Credits are tokens used as payments for our online services, e.g. correspondence handling and translation, where one Credit is used to open a letter from a lady and one Credit – to send a letter to a lady. Translation service, security checks, member verifications, use of our 24/7 service centre and other site features are upheld and included in the charge.

The larger amount of Credits you purchase, the bigger discount you'll get - simple as that.

Price (Euro / USD)

Choose currency:

Credits Credit € Total € Save
5 7 35 -
10 6.5 65 7%
25 6 150 15%
50 5.5 275 20%
75 5 375 30%
100 4.5 450 35%
150 4 600 43%

* Your savings in % are approximations.

Free Introduction Letters...

You can send up to 7 free introduction letters every week. We’ll translate the letters and deliver them to the ladies absolutely for free. Get the conversation going and send a lady your free translated introduction letter today.

Unlimited Smileys For Free...

Add a lady to your favourites and the lady will automatically get a ‘Smiley’ telling her that she has caught your attention. You can add as many ladies as you want to your favourites folder absolutely for free.

What Our Clients Say...

“With some sites charging up to $40 for one letter and with no guarantee that the ladies exist, SecureDating.com was the obvious choice for me”
– Edward Sanders, USA

“Excellent site – safe and easy to use, all the services you’ll need”
– Andreas Kaiser, Germany

“Dear Support Team, thank you for your quick response, everything I needed to know”
– Miles Shaw, Canada

“Thanks, very convenient and effective – just got back after two weeks in Odessa, no complaints”
– Ulf Lindberg, Sweden

“Super concept – this is the only site I came across with so many services, makes everything a lot easier”
– Andrew Jenkins, United Kingdom

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