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12 Jul 2012 (Full Story)

According to Ukrainian media, foreign football fans love spending time in Ukraine. Ukrainian news portal took an interview with two Swedish fans who decided to linger in Ukraine a little longer.

Swedish football fans Helen and Carl came to Ukraine after their team lost in the Euro 2012 competition. Just before the final match, two future sociologists took a walk around the “Olympic” stadium dressed in their national colors and carrying the Swedish flag. They were kind enough to share their thoughts on football, Ukraine and world-famous Ukrainian women.

Carl: “I think we are the last Swedish people left in Kiev. We came to Ukraine after the group stage of the tournament, so we missed the chance to see our team play. We spent almost two weeks here in Ukraine, visited Donetsk and Yalta, went sightseeing. We took the Swedish flag to the finals because everyone mistakes us for Ukrainian fans, since our national colors are very similar.“

Helen: “We bought tickets on the UEFA site before the competition started and we did not know how Sweden will fare. When our team lost, we decided not to waste our tickets and came to Ukraine anyway”

Carl: “We have seen the BBC show that covered the matters of football violence and racism in Ukraine when we were back in Sweden, many people saw the show, but I don’t think it convinced anyone got to go to to Euro 2012”.

Helen: “Most of Swedish fans understood that Ukraine is no different from Sweden in this sense, we also have a small number of people who cause troubles during events, but most of the people out there are totally fine”.

When the couple was asked to compare Russians and Ukrainians, they noted that Russians are “more serious” than Ukrainians and that Russian women are much more beautiful than Russian men.

Carl: “We’ve only visited Moscow in Russia, I think it may be quite different from other parts of the country. I think people in Moscow are far more “serious” than people in Ukraine”

Helen: “I think Russians just need more time to get to know you and then they are fine. They are cautious of foreigners at first and they prefer to keep their distance. Ukrainians are more open and easier to start a conversation with”

Carl: “I think Ukrainian and Russian men are very similar – they are very serious and macho-like. Swedish men are more light-hearted and easy-going. I also noted that in most Russian and Ukrainian couples girls are much prettier than men”

Helen: “Indeed, Ukrainian and Russian women are stunningly beautiful. They are lean, sporty and have a great sense of fashion, Men are not like that”.

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